The Agony of Defeat

The cliff wall called to Mike, just one more siren beckoning him in his search for release from the pain. It towered above him, immovable and implacable. If he could conquer that huge rock, he could conquer the terrible empty feeling Joy left behind. He drove the piton into the face, dropped the mallet, backed away, and accepted defeat.

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  1. Intense... so much said so concisely!

  2. I liked the idea of the mountain or cliff face being a siren luring him to work out his grief.

  3. This has a story as rich and as deep as the whirls in a tree stump..so clever to convey in such a concise piece..which came first the photo or the story? Jae :)

    1. The story came first, but isn't the picture perfect for the story?

  4. Indeed, a perfect picture for your story!

    I'm glad that he overcame his anguish without a battle. Sometimes, simply facing the wall helps in letting go.

    Lovely and complete, so quickly.

  5. A full story told in so few words. Well done.


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