Libation of Sorrow

Accident or purpose
Mars the heart
Trouble bunches around ankles
Pushed down the frame
With insistent charged fingers
Full of plenty
Confused and torn
Ask the question
What was sacrificed
A toll was taken
Handle the consequences
Settle for the result
Imbibe libation of sorrow

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  1. Clever woman. Of course mars is a verb. I wonder if anyone else will remember. I'm going to have to look at my poem again and rework it, maybe. With the words in red, I found it interesting to read them as a poem within the larger frame.

  2. You compiled the words really well:)

  3. "Imbibe libation of sorrow" and "trouble bunches around the ankles" are both terrific phrases!

  4. Choices...it all comes down to the choices one makes. And owning up to the results. Nicely wordled.

  5. I love your ending "imbibe libation of sorrow." Well wordled piece. ~Brenda

  6. It seems from the heart and goes to the heart! Heartfelt words!

  7. Nice write...I esp. liked 'trouble bunches around the ankles'.


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