Inspiration, Where Are You?

In search of that elusive thing called inspiration. What sparks the imagination? Sometimes a tidbit of conversation catches my attention and starts the what ifs. Once, a comment on a news report started a plot line spinning in my head. Usually, I find it in the most obscure places, like a mountain road in Arkansas. I took a picture of an abandoned house there and a book jumped out of the scene. Occasionally, I resort to a writing prompt.

My family has ceased asking me about my odd looks.

"Are you mad, Momma?"
"No, I'm writing in my head."

"Honey, what are you smiling about?"
"Oh, just something I'm writing in my head."

"Mom, are you listening?"
"Sorry, son, I'm writing in my head."


"Are you writing in your head again?"

So here's my creative timeline...
Typing chapter one
Typing chapter two
Typing chapter three
Editing chapter one
Editing chapter two
Typing chapter four
Editing chapter one

You get the picture. I woke up this morning with a new plot line spinning in my head. My family will think I'm a zombie again!

So what sparks your imagination?


  1. Photographs spark my imagination...they seem to tell me what they want said...also listening to a song..I begin to wonder how I would say it...I am familiar with odd looks...I not only have them, but I get them when my husband speaks to me and I am writing in my head...lol

  2. Loved this! Clara did you prepare the 3723628 tax form? Ops sorry, was writting in my head lol
    I take inspiration from everything basically...like something I see on my way to work, or a song, and then bang : )

    1. Oh, girl, that tax form sounds familiar...

  3. "Mommy, why is the bread in the refrigerator and the milk in the drawer?" You guessed it, writing in my head! :)


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