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It's a Sunday thing...

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Today's eight is from my release, An Impostor in Town. Click on the cover above to purchase the book.

Here's the set up...

Brian has invited Peyton to spend Christmas with him as neither of them have family in Durango. After they eat, they head up to his undeveloped ranch near Missionary Ridge.

Here's the eight...

His beat up Chevy truck shifted gears with a sputter and a lurch as he turned onto a small, winding track that cut through a low place in the hills and emerged on the other side of a ridge in a box canyon. Surrounded on three sides by steep, rocky cliffs, one wouldn’t have found his place without knowing it was there. The pasture was probably green and fertile in the late spring and early summer, but in winter a hard pack of ice and snow crusted the ground.

He shifted into park. Two horses galloped toward the fence and whinnied as he got out of the truck. The Paint hung his head over the rail fencing, the first to nuzzle Brian as he opened the gate. The sorrel sauntered up with what appeared to be feigned indifference. It reminded Peyton so much of her younger years she bit her lower lip to keep from tearing up.

Here's the blurb...

Peyton Chandler has done everything to protect her son Jake from the evil men that would destroy her by destroying him. For years, she has allowed another woman to raise her son, kept herself apart from him, and hidden behind her dead sister’s identity, never allowing herself to get close to anyone—not even Sheriff Brian Parker, the one man whose love and respect she craves. When Brian receives a note claiming there’s an impostor in town, he doesn’t know where to start his investigation. Peyton fears she will lose the man she loves if he discovers she’s not the woman she claims to be.

I hope you enjoyed this snippet from An Impostor in Town. You can download the book for free during the book's free download days on Amazon beginning August 27th and ending August 31st.


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