The Light

Photo by Talon


without light there is no dark
without dark there is no light
one defines the other
yet one rules the other
penetrating the night
piercing the darkness
dark, the absence of light
light, the blending of color
to subdue the light
is to cover it or destroy it or
hide it or turn it off
dark is vulnerable to the light
light abuses the dark
pushing its tentative, reaching fingers
into the corners and dark spaces
and far reaches and hiding places
dark cannot abide in the presence of


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  1. Thanks for being part of the Weekend Challenge, Denise. Opposites do define each other, in part, don't they?

  2. "light abuses the dark" - I love that. It is so true - without one, we would never have the other. Lovely poem.

  3. Beautifully done, Denise, and so true. A perfect response to this photo.

  4. So true. We often need our opposite to help define who we are and are not.

  5. I like the contrasting images...Nice to meet you ~

  6. I really like the rhythm and flow in this. Great capture of the photo!

  7. You give us a new way to look at something everyday.

  8. You've certainly defined some truths in this poem.

  9. The light needs dark and dark needs light...love the flow and truth in your words

  10. Opposites attract is truly shown in this poem. Love how so many contrasts are given between light and dark. Many that I think I have not seen before. That is so cool.

    Thank you for playing in this weeks Theme Thursday and sharing such a great poem with us. I see corners in a new light.

    God bless.

  11. Fascinating, really how they compliment and cancel out each other. Well done.


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