Bitter Fruit

reach for the forbidden fruit again
the apple at the end of the branch
stretched arm, fingers twitching with desire
the last bitter lesson lost in instant gratification
the heart wants what the heart wants
that beating, thumping deceitful organ

ignore the cost of indulging the itch
the sticky, sweet moment of satisfaction
turns sour, dripping the acrid aftertaste
regret swirls and then dives and pierces
consequences crammed into deep wedges
of experience, should haves and could haves

the imaginary garden with real toads

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  1. The heart itself as a bitter fruit..wonderful imagery..it felt like magic..a fairy tale..or a cautionary tale..brilliant! Jae

  2. I loved the words you chose for this piece and the rhythm as they beat out that bitter lesson so reminiscent of the old classroom of years ago when when things were learned by rote. Then I read it again, that rhythm was from the heartbeat in echoing that feeling of tasting the forbidden fruit. Marvelous!

  3. Oh, this is so true. That instant gratification...and eternal regret! I really like this one!

  4. This is fantastic...the last bitter lesson lost in instant gratification...I took like the rhythm...a lesson taught with the emphasis of your words

  5. Could haves, Should haves, Might haves - the real bitter fruit!

  6. Beautifully written, and haven't we all reached for that bitter fruit? My favorite line... "that beating, thumping deceitful organ"... Oh how it gets us into trouble!

  7. If only our lives were simpler, where fruit is less bitter. This is probably the most conscious and sensible idea of lesson. Thanks!

    I love the words that paint here: sticky, sour, swirls, deep wedges, the aftertaste. Really fun to read.

  8. Ah but forbidden fruit is the sweetest!

    When I had my Belgian Shepherd (he passed at 15), I used to tell him "You can NOT get up on the couch!" (he could.) I would cross my arms and scowl and say "absolutely NO dogs on the couch!" Then he would jump up on the couch with a huge happy grin on his face. It was more fun to do it if it was strictly prohibited!

  9. Nice contrasts of images between the first and second verse...Yes, the forbidden taste is just irresistible ~

    Happy Monday ~

  10. We so often forget about the consequences as we seek that instant gratification. I enjoyed this, Denise!

  11. Mmmmmmmm......forbidden fruit, the thought and the deed followed by the regret or the choice. Its always funny to hear people talk and judge someone who has considered or has gone astray....but if you really looked long and hard,, the person judging is only human as well and I am sure there are some dusty skeletons lurking in the back of their IKEA closet or at least theor mind. This was a wonderful look at what it is to be human.....loved it.


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