Life Lived Well But Once

Life lived well but once
Trailing discarded firsts
Relived over and over
Impressing memories
Into the far reaches of
The corner of the heart

Unwinding stream of time
Seconds and minutes
And hours and days and
Spiraling and spinning until
Nothing remains but
Remnants of a once-lived life

(c) Denise Moncrief 2011

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  1. This is beautiful. The last line should be hung a nursing home where the patients have lost their ability to think or do things for themselves, to remind us to care for these who once could do and did so much for others. My daughter works at a place where once very well-known doctors watch Little Bear and play with toy trains, ...Alzheimer patients! It is so sad!

  2. A beautiful poem...life condensed into your well constructed lines...

  3. This is lovely and reminds me that life is oh so short.
    I do like poetry and I love short poems best of all:)

  4. Lovely poem. Short and sweet with a big message :)


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