Thirteen New Year's Resolutions

Lose twenty pounds some weight (hahahaha)

Eat healthier (hahahaha, again)

Exercise (I’ll see if I can work that into my schedule)

Drink less coffee (Um… not happening)

Swear less (Need new co-workers)

Read at least 100 books (This might happen!)

Contract my novel with a publisher (A possibility…)

Keep my blog up (Now we’re talking)

Save money to visit Costa Rica (I can dream, can’t I?)

Catch up on my scrapbooking (Okay, I need three years)

Paint my bathroom (Hum… maybe I’ll start today)

Write some everyday (I can do this)

Eat more chocolate (Finally something I can accomplish)

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  1. You've inspired me. I'm putting "eat more chocolate" on my goal list for 2012. Definitely one I can accomplish. :)

  2. Nice list! :-) I wish you good luck!


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