Will No One Invite Me In

Will no one invite me to the hearth
to raise a cup of cheer
to share in joy and song and mirth
to pass a day so drear?

Doth hide within my cold, cold soul
a raging forlorn swell
a desire to thaw, to find a role
a place in which to dwell

I cannot rest, destined to roam
I knock upon the door
I creep into the swaddled home
To slide across the floor

No entrance to the fold I gain
No quarter to be found
No wonder I turn drops of rain
To ice flung to ground

(c) Denise Moncrief 2010

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  1. Brrr. no wonder nobody invites the cold, cold soul. I love the riddle and rhyme.

  2. Sad - to be locked out in the cold ... no one
    with whom to share warmth ... Could speak volumes of our human race ... Nicely captured ~~

  3. Very nicely done! It conjures up bleak, cold images.

  4. interesting photo and poem as well... you take the 'darkness of winter' as a theme...implicitly...
    nicely done... :)

  5. I think ya should turn the heat up a bit!


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