Try as I might, I couldn’t shake the bad feeling this morning. You know the one. That precursor of things that arrive in threes. Bad luck. Bad planning. Bad judgment. Passive isn’t my style. I am the wind and circumstance is a pile of leaves. I didn’t wait for life to come at me hard. Into the chill of the day I ventured, confident of overcoming any malady or misfortune that came my way.

My intuition proved correct. Now on the other side of the gang of three, I’m tempted to unfurl the flag of surrender. My body aches. My ego suffers. My soul longs for quiet. I could call it a day. Start fresh tomorrow. My warm bed beckons.

But before I can crawl into my cocoon, I have to do the dishes.

(c) Denise Moncrief 2011

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  1. sometimes you just can't win and all you want to do is pull up the covers but we battle on and we continue doing simple things like those dishes.I love the way you wrote this.


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