Sneak Peek from Laurel Heights -- There's a Ghost in My House

I've been revising an old manuscript and I'm excited about how it's coming together. Ever since I read Karen White's Tradd Street series, I've wanted to write a ghost story. Blending the paranormal with romantic suspense is...challenging.

I haven't written the blurb for this book yet...so, I'll treat you to a sneak peek from the first chapter.

She lay still beneath her comforter, listening to the unusual sounds coming from the lower floor. The house made a lot of noises, especially at night. She sucked in a ragged breath when it made a few more. Was someone in her house or was she being paranoid? Every shadow reminded her of Rand. He was in prison and would be incarcerated for a very long time, probably the rest of his life, but he could easily send one of his loyal associates to find her.

She wrapped her fingers around the grip of the baseball bat she kept next to her bed and hoped she wouldn’t have to use it. Confronting an intruder with a hollow piece of aluminum seemed like a lame defense. She had been considering purchasing a gun, but hadn’t done so yet. Maybe it was time.

She threw the comforter off, rose from the bed, slipped across the room with the bat over her shoulder, and opened the door to peer down the hallway toward the front stairs. Nothing moved. The house was quiet. Maybe a little too quiet. Only moments before, a symphony of strange noises had disturbed the night. It was as if opening her bedroom door had turned off the sound.

She stared at the back stairs directly across from her bedroom and considered going down to the first floor to check the door locks, but nixed the idea. Locked doors wouldn’t keep someone out of the house if they really wanted to get in. Better to barricade herself in her bedroom and keep the bat close by.

She slammed the door shut. No moonlight filtered through the flimsy fabric covering the window. The moon hid behind thick cloud cover. She tugged at the curtains, pulling them tighter to keep out the night. Before she stepped away, she caught a glimpse of something not quite right. Peeking between the curtain panels, she stared across the back yard through a grimy window and followed a dim light as it flitted back and forth inside the detached garage.

I anticipate the release of Laurel Heights September 2014. In the meantime, please consider purchasing one of my already published books. 

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