Intractable Deceptive Heart

Intractable deceptive heart
beating to a strange new rhythm
followed wayward eyes
into a blind alley
at the end of denial lane

Stubborn unreliable feelings
a flock of furious birds
hovering over the once blue-green sea
of passion, now pewter from
emotions spent chasing demons

Willful unreliable emotion
drunk from the flush of a thousand angry
lies squandering the chance of a lifetime
accommodating the reckless desire of immediacy

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  1. An intense ride into an evening I won't venture into. ;) I got the sense of cheating on love, and that is one of the worst deceptions out there. Well wordled.

  2. excellent wordle, several lines here I like: 'followed wayward eyes', 'emotions spent chasing demons', 'reckless desire of immediacy'. Very nice all around.

  3. Enjoyed this, Denise... especially the second stanza.


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