#SixSunday 09-16-12

This week's Six Sentence Sunday selection comes from my full-length book set to release on September 25, 2012. Just a few days from now!

I clawed at the flimsy nightgown that threatened to slip from my shoulders as if it was eating my skin, pulled the top over my head and threw the offending garment on the floor, leaving my upper body exposed. My eyes traveled down my torso. A rough trail dissected the middle of my chest, right between the ribs. I stared at the oddity, fascinated, horrified, and perplexed. My nail traced the scar. The surgery was months, maybe years, old.


  1. Great way to pull in the reader. Love the six and makes me want to read your book. :-) Great job!

  2. Nicely done. Great tension generated in this scene as she seems to rediscover an old wound that I'm sure has quite a story behind it...

  3. Very intriguing six sentences. It raises lots of questions. She doesn't seem to recognise the scar, even though it's old and I really want to know why. Lovely description of the nightdress.


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