Review of Kiss Me by Jan Romes

Kiss MeKiss Me by Jan Romes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kiss Me has all the elements of a fun contemporary romance. Hunky hero. Frustrated heroine. Wicked stepsister. Improbable situations. Fast and furious romance. Lots of chaos and more than a few plot twists the heroine should have seen coming, but didn't.

Lacy Goodlow comes back home to be a bridemaid for her wicked stepsister's wedding. On the way to the bachelorette party, she's pulled over by Jared Kelly, a very hunky cop. Yeah, the cop and the bridesmaid fall for each other, hard and fast. Unfortunately, handsome hunk cop comes with some relationship baggage in the form of Lacy's stepsister, Angela, the bride-to-be. And Angela is no angel. On the eve of her wedding to Brian, she's still trying to get into Jared's bed. Her attempts to keep Jared and Lacy apart are downright evil. It's been a long time since I've despised an antagonist so much! Romes wrote the character of Angela to evil perfection.

Lacy and Jared both have to overcome some major trust issues to finally get together. Both of them have a bad habit of believing Angela's lies. At times, I want to slap them both for their immaturity and gullibility. In the end, it takes a menagerie of well-meaning family and friends to get them together because the two of them obviously can't manage it by themselves. And yes, there is a happily ever after for them.

My only complaint was I thought the book could have used a better edit. At times, the dialogue from two characters is placed together in a single paragraph so the reader has a hard time distinguishing who is speaking.

Would I recommend Kiss Me? This would be a good beach or relaxing vacation read.

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