Some #FridayStuff About Me # 5

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This week’s statements:

1. I never wear _lipstick__ and I don’t know why. Seriously, I have about  kajillion tubes, but never wear it.
2. In the winter I always_(what's winter? I live in Louisiana. We don't have winter!)__
3. When I _smell onions cooking__, I miss __my Daddy_
4. I love the way _rose petals__ feel.

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  1. I never really wear lipstick either. I stick to lip gloss with SPF 15 in it. At least when I remember to put it on. :)

    1. I think that's my problem. I always think I'm going to put it on when I get to work, after I drink my coffee. But I'm still sipping on a cup of coffee at noon!

  2. I love that we both wrote about smells that remind us of our dads.. I never wear lipstick either

  3. I would never have thought of rose petals... but you are so right they have the perfect velvety feel... and the smell they leave behind aint half bad either!

  4. I did not think of lipstick and I've never worn it.

  5. Hi Denise. I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. Congrats!


  6. Haha, love your answer to number 2! I live in South Carolina and we barely had a winter this year!


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