Characters Acting Badly and #MyMuse That Contributes to Their Delinquency

Sometimes the life of a full time writer can be…well, lonely. I mean, when I’m writing, the only company I have are my characters. If they started talking to me, I mean verbally, I think I’d freak.

My muse whispers in my ear in the middle of the night, but that’s something else entirely. There is no accounting for what she might say or do. If you doubt it, check out these posts.

Here is what I think my muse might look like…

Picture in public domain. Courtesy wiki commons.

Sometimes my characters are sort of like real people, you know. Today one of them just wouldn’t cooperate with me. I wanted her to do one thing and she hauled off and did another. This one has a mind of her own. I gave her a good talking to but she wouldn’t listen. Had to have it her way. It amuses me for a while to argue with them, but it’s not the same as talking with a living, breathing individual. I think she forgets she’s fictional. Am I going to have to restrain her?

Maybe this device would work…

Drawing in public domain. Courtesy wiki commons.

Do you think that would keep her in line? I mean, my characters should be careful not to annoy me. I just bought this coffee mug…

Mug can be purchased at cafepress.com

This mug means what I say and says what I mean, you know what I mean? I’ve done some nasty things to my characters. I even impaled one bad guy on a dead tree before it caught on fire and fell over the side of cliff into a deep gorge. My characters should quiver in fear of my fast tapping fingers. And my muse should stop leading them down the path toward destruction. When I tell my heroine to call my hero and make up with him, that's exactly what she should do!


  1. LOL Give the girl some pride, Denise! I need to get me a new coffee cup now... :)

    1. Ah, yeah! Love that coffee mug. I'm gonna let my heroine wiggle out of this situation...

  2. One of my heroes would make me dream of a scene I'd written the day before. He'd play it over and over, acting it out and then turn to me and growl, "Now, do you see why that scene won't work? I'd never react that way. Never!" Grrrr. Our characters do rule our lives. Truly. Great post, Densie.

    1. You do have an interesting relationship with your heroes, Vonnie! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I think of my characters like children. You can try your hardest, but they have minds of their own. They go their own way and we love them just the same. (A little discipline doesn't hurt though.)

    1. Gotta prepare them to leave the nest! Thanks for stopping by, Sandra!


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