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So my muse has been coy lately. Teasing me with tidbits of ideas, but never quite whispering a full premise in my ear.

Muse: "Oh, look at that. Wouldn't it be fun to write about that?"

Me: "Yeah, muse. What a great idea! What if it was late one night and there was a--?"

Muse: "Wait! Forget about that. Look at that woman. Don't you think her story is interesting? Bet you could write a whole book on that."

*Writer has an ooh-shiny moment.*

Me: "Oh, this is good. This is great. The heroine could say, 'But I have to leave you, Bob.' And Bob could say--"

Muse: "You need to write a Christmas story...soon. Time's running out. What with submitting and editing and whatnot. You gotta get 'er done, girl."

Me: "A Christmas story! Yeah. Yeah. I could write about this woman who has uptight friends and they want her to get this guy to do this thing...and candlelight."

Muse: "Hold up! Writer, where do you get those ideas from? I know it ain't from me, girl. You been hanging out with another muse? Are you cheating on me?"

Me: "What? No! I swear I've been faithful to only you, Muse."

*Writer narrows eyes at manipulative muse.*

Me: "Is that why your ideas have been lame lately? Are you holding back because you think I'm cheating? That's...that's...that's just mean. I oughta--"

Muse: "Whoa, writer. Would ya look at that?"

*Writer turns attention toward ooh shiny object while Muse slips away.*

MyMuse Update 5/9/12

My muse and I had a come to Jesus meeting this morning on the way to work. Muse whispered three premises complete with plotline in my ear. I shall be busy this week.

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  1. I'm loving your muse:) lol
    I think comedy might be in your genre catalog too!


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