One foot here, the other there
Ups and downs of need, speed, greed
Centered over the pointed base of desire
Careful voices call, don’t run too far, too fast to the end of the beam
Desire nudges the counterweight of reason to the edge
Daring to peer into the nothingness void beyond
Trampling on seasoned knowledge, on sound judgments
Morsels of life gathered by wiser, older, been-there, done-thats
Niggling doubt of well-intentioned intentions looks over shoulder of caution
Rejection of discretion fueled by self-indulgence in consuming I wants
Grasp the impossible, push past the sensible, grab the brass ring with outstretched fingers
Impetuous extension, tilting the fragile balance
Merciless slide to the other side

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  1. you def have to be careful with the temptation of those desires...it will pull you to one side pretty quick...smiles...nice flow to this...

  2. I really like "Unbalanced" the word rhyme within -- and it's always the last line which seems to wrap it up. Very nice.

  3. Yes, the grass is rarely greener on the other side. And we do seem to be fueled by the "I wants" of today. We have lost much of our patience and need it now. Total credit card mentality of give me right this minute. Jumping into the abyss is what most do, finding out too late that there is almost no way out. The abyss sucks.

    Thanks for sharing such a great poem with us and one that makes us think. It was a great addition to this weeks Theme Thursday and I cannot wait to see what you do with next weeks prompt.

    God bless.


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