With One Smile

With one smile

The tender heart falls to pieces
at the sight of such a simple gesture,
gathering affection to the soul
like a friend once lost now found

Anger flees as if it can’t
remain in the presence
of that small flicker
of reconciliation

Hope wriggles into the
crevices of dissension,
nudging two wounded hearts
toward healing

Joy binds the fracture
as two spirits realize
what might have been disaster
was averted once more

With one smile


  1. This is truly beautiful. And so very true.

    Have a wonderful week, G :<)

  2. You surely have captured the power and beauty of a smile!

  3. This is touching, Denise. :) Each step of
    reconciliation has its own lovely verse.
    A smile can do wonders, can't it?

    When we aren't feeling very close one of
    us will reach out and overlay hands. That
    brings the feeling of closeness back nicely.

  4. This is so true! My husband and I do this all the time.

  5. The power of a smile communicated so beautifully.

  6. So true and so beautifully told :)

  7. Smile...Signature of Love...can do wonders!
    Fabulous Write!! :))

  8. True and smile can be such a balm!


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