Review of Disrupted Lives by Brenda Youngerman

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Disrupted Lives
By Brenda Youngerman

Disrupted Lives is about injustice—social, economic, and racial. It’s the tale of two families, whose lives intertwine when one couple adopts the child of another couple. The tale of how the mistakes and prejudices of one generation can affect future generations. It is the story of how things beyond one’s control can shape a life and create a lifetime of regret and misery.

Ms. Youngerman weaves her plot with sympathy and understanding, relating how the decisions one person makes can disrupt the lives of so many others. Although the book is set in the Southern United States, it is a story that could have happened anywhere in any time—a timeless relating of the pain of betrayal, the heartache of rejection, and the devastating consequences of stubborn pride.

Her characters are drawn to perfection. Sympathy for Amelia, the woman whose child is taken from her against her will. Anger towards Fiona, whose pride in social standing alienates her from one grandson and sows the seeds of prejudice in another. Disgust for Chad, whose spineless refusal to stand up to his mother causes irreparable damage in his own family. Respect for Ben, who rises above the injustices of his childhood to become a great man.

In the end, Youngerman gives the reader a bright ray of hope. The abused can rise above their situation. The hurting can be healed. The stray can find a home. There is poetic justice for the hard-hearted.

This is both a serious and entertaining read. Ms. Youngerman’s goal is to write fiction with a purpose. She has accomplished her mission with this book. This is a good read for the person who wants to read more than superficial fluff, for someone wants to read something real.


  1. thank you so much for such a great review! I am glad you enjoyed this book. It was definitely one of my favorites to write!

  2. Don't you love all of Brenda's books? she is amazing!


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