Cranking Up the Creepy


The final book in the Haunted Hearts Series: Arkansas Hauntings, Chelsea Lane, has just been released.

Here's the books description:

Searching for a reason to go on living…

All her life, Chelsea has suffered feelings of worthlessness from being abandoned—time after time—causing a huge pile of hurt to reside in the deeper recesses of her heart. When James Standridge kidnaps her, he gives her a new name and a new reason to exist. The will to survive keeps her going from one day to the next until his death changes everything.

Fearing freedom after living so long in the shadows…

After years of being a missing person, Chelsea is suddenly free to reclaim her lost identity, but she doesn’t know where to start rebuilding her interrupted life. Hovering around the fringes of her former existence seems easier than facing the dangers of becoming Cherish Duncan again.

Finding that hope happens when you least expect it…

When Chelsea begs him to help her, Jordan Clark can’t resist being Chelsea’s knight in shining armor. After all, hefeelsdeeply the need to make up for the mistakes he’s made in the past. Living with Chelsea in the house she shared with James Standridge ignites more than the promise of romance. Jordan’s presence energizes restless spirits who would prefer their secrets remain buried for eternity.

Can love conquer fear and free the ghosts haunting the house on Chelsea Lane?

I'm excited about this book because it completes the story arc that began in book one. Do you want to know what happened to all your favorite characters? Did the bad guys get what they deserved? Will the paranormal activity in Hill County finally settle down to a somewhat tolerable level? You can find out by purchasing the book at this link. 

Finishing a series like this is kind of like saying goodbye to close friends. But this isn't the final farewell. No way!

I've already begun the outlines for the next five book set in the Haunted Hearts Series entitled River Road Hauntings. In book one, coming early 2016, Jordan and Chelsea move to south Louisiana to start their lives over, and of course, they discover the River Road is haunted with the ghosts of the mysterious Wakefield family. Can Jordan help his old friend Dylan with his ghost problem? Will Jordan have to call on some old friends to help him with another ghost eviction?

Are you ready to get acquainted with a whole new cast of characters to follow from book to book?

The books in this series are tentatively titled:

Book #6: The Unmistakable Scent of Gardenias

Book #7: The Curse of a Single Red Rose

Book #8: The Wind Through the Magnolias

Book #9: The Trail of Crushed Azaleas

Book #10: The Sweet Madness of Honeysuckle

I've already started writing Book #6. Here's the book's description:

Content with the direction her life takes…

The temptation to earn a sweet payday and collect enough money to start her own interior design business is too much opportunity for Sophia Cannon to ignore. Working for her new client, Les Wakefield, is like working for a creepy stalker. He seems to be everywhere she goes.

Until trouble walks around the corner and into her life again…

Dylan Hunter almost turns down the Wakefield Manor restoration job until Les Wakefield tells him Sophia is the interior designer hired to oversee furnishing the old plantation house. Sophia has been the ghost in his life since the day she left him, haunting his heart with her memory every day and every night.

Stirring up more than just the spirits of the dead…

Sophia and Dylan fight with each other until a much bigger threat puts both their lives in danger. Discovering that generations of Wakefields have restored the plantation only to disappear months after moving into the manor house stirs up spirits that would rather remain undisturbed.

Can love survive the long nights at Wakefield Manor with the unmistakable scent of gardenias hanging so heavily in the air?

Okay, come on! Doesn't that sound just a little bit...creepy?

In this new set, I'm cranking up the creepy.

Check out Chapter One of The Unmistakable Scent of Gardenias at this link. 


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