Conversation With #MyMuse - Chocolate Seduction Edition

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I’m not gonna lie, my muse has been good to me lately. I’ve started a new Work In Progress, and she has practically written the story for me. Sometimes I love her.

Then, there’s those other times when she’s being, shall we say, ornery. There have been a few occasions where no amount of pleading, cajoling, or threatening with lawsuits can motivate her to give up her ideas. Dang her, anyway.

I was chatting with my writer’s group yesterday and the subject of recalcitrant muses came up. Thank God I’m not the only writer who has a stubborn muse. I don’t feel so alone in the world.

So let’s just say I suggested seducing…um, enticing…or maybe luring her out of hiding…with chocolate. This has worked for me before.

This is how the conversation went:

Frustrated Writer (That’s me): Musth? * munch, munch * Where are ya musth?

Muse: * peeks head around corner * What? I can’t understand you. * eyes FW with suspicion * What’s that in your mouth?

FW: * hides wrapper behind back * Nothum…

Muse: Whadaya mean nothing? I can see the wrapper. Are you… Yes, you’re eating chocolate. And you weren’t going to share, were you?

FW: I domth know wha ya mean. * wipes mouth with back of sleeve *

Muse: Can I have a bite?

FW: Don’t be silly. Muses can’t eat.

Muse: The heck they can’t. Don’t be selfish and share your chocolate.

FW: * tilts head sideways * If I give you some chocolate, will you help me finish Chapter Three?

Muse: * snorts * I told you how to write that chapter already. But noooo…. You wouldn’t listen to my advice. You had to give your heroine a colon cleanse. What made you think her hero would want to hear about her experience? Erase the chapter and start over.

FW: Okay. You’re right, but how? Where do I go with it? Help me.

Muse: Give up the chocolate.

FW: * acts reluctant to hand it over, but smiles inwardly * Now, about Chapter Three…

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