#NewRelease - Alone No More by Terri Rochenski

I'd like to welcome fellow Wild Rose Press author, Terri Rochenski, to Suspense, She Writes. Terri is celebrating the birthday of her new book, Alone No More.

What inspires me to write?

Needing an escape from reality!

Really. Even though I have a great life – love my hubs & three precious children – there are times when hectic daily life, noise, and responsibilities need to take a back seat to ‘me’ time. This is when I pick up a book or put pen to paper. Yes, I write by hand first, that way when I enter it into the computer it’s already gone through the first editing stages.

Writing for me is a hobby. If I ever make it ‘big’, lovely. If not, no biggie. Some stay-at-home moms go to bead or scrapbooking classes. Others hit the gym or spa. While all those sound great, I’d rather sit in silence (when it can be found around here!) and play pretend with those voices in my head.

I’m not looney. Promise. You other writers know what I mean!

I don’t write to preach and I don’t write because I feel I have to share some earth-shattering philosophy, religious topic, or socialistic issue. I write what the characters in my brain tell me to, what my imagination dictates. If it has a message for someone somewhere, great! That would make me feel like a million.

Touching books, the ones that speak to my heart, line my book shelves. And while my life may not have been drastically changed by them, a bit of the story inspired me in some way or another – to keep dreaming like a child, never give up on my life’s goals, to believe in true love and strive to keep it fresh.

If my books ever sit on a shelf and draw a fond gaze on occasion then I’ve made it ‘big’ in my mind.
What inspires you to write? Do voices speak in your mind, dictating stories?

Dismissed from her job as a scullery maid and cast aside by her lover, pregnant Cara Morland has no choice but to return to her father’s farm. While lies of widowhood keep her from disgrace, Cara is faced with a local landowner’s unwanted attentions. Without the social status to do much more than avoid the vile man, she loses hope of ever finding happiness.

A friendship based on mutual loneliness blossoms between Cara and James Elliot, a young farm hand hired by her father. He offers his protection, and one shared kiss reveals his heart, but propriety and her feigned grieving period hinders what they both desire.

When Cara’s stalker learns the truth of her circumstances, he gives her an ultimatum—submit to his possession or he’ll ruin her second chance at love with James.

NOW AVAILABLE   for only $1.99!

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