Follow Friday Four Fill In Fun Blog Hop - Week 203

Every week, Hilary at Feeling Beachie hosts a fun blog hop. She lists four statements with blanks to fill-in on her blog. Fill in the answers and post the statements to your own blog. This is fun way to get to know fellow bloggers.

Feeling Beachie

So here are the four statements this week and my answers:

1. Having too much cold weather, makes me want to hibernate.

2. When it is Friday, I get "Fridayitis".

3. Chocolate is the answer to all the world's problems (or least mine).

4. How do you feel after you take the first bite of your favorite comfort food?

If you'd like to participate in this fun hop, hop on over to Hilary's website at http://www.feelingbeachie.com/ where she posts questions every Friday along with a blog hop sign up.

Have a great Friday and curl up with a good book!

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Snippet Sunday 03.01.15 - Deceptions of the Heart

This week's snippet is from my paranormal romantic suspense novel Deceptions of the Heart.

What would you do if one morning you awoke in someone else’s body?

Surviving as Jennifer Cristobal isn’t easy for Rhonda Prentiss. Three years ago, a sudden, fatal trauma stripped Rhonda of her middle-class, stay-at-home-mom existence. A brand new shock prompts Rhonda’s essence to invade Jennifer’s soul, suppressing the other woman’s memories and replacing them with her own. When Jennifer’s heart transplant surgeon, Dr. Crane, can’t—or won’t—help her understand her unusual body-swapping dilemma, she turns to the only man she can trust. But can she fully trust Jennifer’s husband, Anson? Rhonda’s memory proves faulty—and sugarcoated. Multiple threats from her past shake her fragile hold on mental stability. If one of her enemies succeeds, he will kill Rhonda’s soul… or Jennifer’s body… or both.

Here's the snippet:

My subconscious threw slumber off like a heavy comforter until the sudden awareness of unfamiliar surroundings jerked my eyelids open. Fine Egyptian cotton brushed my skin. Soft morning light filtered through the blinds on the floor-to-ceiling windows. Rich mahogany furnishings gleamed with a reddish-gold glow. Real wood. Not the fake stuff. Not a veneer in sight. Across the room, a chaise offered relaxation in front of a fireplace with the promise of a warm fire and a comforting throw.

My hands pushed against the tension building in my chest. Sliding over the side of the bed, I held my breath until my bare feet hit the hardwood floor. The splash of running water trickled from behind a closed door. The tension in my chest relaxed. Alex was whistling as he often did in the shower. I crossed the room and nudged the door open, a question hovering on my tongue. Steam shrouded the bath in wisps of billowy white. The rush of water ceased and the shower door popped open. I opened my mouth to speak. Water dripped from his body as he reached for a towel. Above average height. Medium build. Light brown hair. Not Alex.

A scream wedged in the back of my throat.

I whipped my eyes from his nakedness and scanned the room for an escape route. The king-sized bed blocked my path to the bedroom door. I rolled onto the mattress and pulled the soft sheets up to my neck. My breath escaped in huffs and puffs while I tried to steady my nerves.

Perceptions floated through my mind as if I’d been drugged. No broken bones. No aches or pains. No apparent violation.

 If he’s a kidnapper, would he allow me the luxury of sleeping late? No. Wouldn’t I wake up in a dungeon, or under a dark hole on a cold, stone floor. Maybe even on a filthy pallet or a mangy cot?

I checked my wrists. No abrasions from duct tape.

When the man emerged from the bath, I shuttered my eyes, daring to peek from beneath my lashes. He disappeared into a walk-in closet. I pushed up on my elbow. One of my feet dared to peek from beneath the comforter, then the other. Before I could wiggle to the edge of the mattress, he returned to the bedroom and stood in front of the dresser. He sighed as he stared into the mirror, sucked in his gut and released it, then ran his fingers through his hair. I drew first one foot then the other beneath the covers while he buttoned his shirt sleeves and straightened his tie.

He hovered near the bed as I feigned sleep. Poised over me for a horribly long time, he never uttered a word. I stifled a flinch when he brushed the hair from my face. The gentle glide of his fingertips across my cheek sent a shock racing through my limbs. He dragged in a deep, ragged breath and then lifted a suit jacket from a chair. After he shut the door behind him with a near silent swoosh, I lowered the bedcovers from my chin and released the breath I’d been holding.


Valentine's Day Book Blitz

Hey Everyone, we have the updated book description for all the books now in the Valentine's Count Down event!!
Come check out the line-up and click on the sign-up Link to read each book description (and of course to sign-up cause you will want to be part of this!!)
PLUS!! We added the new banner with all the book covers!!


All About Heroes Interview With Diana Nixon

I'd like to welcome author Diana Nixon to Suspense, She Writes. Diana is a bestselling author of contemporary and paranormal romances. Her novel In Your Eyes is scheduled for release December 16, 2014. 


Huge Cyber Monday Sale!

Looking for great deals on some amazing books this Cyber Monday? Look no more! Below are books that are priced at 99 cents or lower - get them quick before the sale ends! From chick lit to women's fiction to romance and more, we have something to keep everyone happy for this holiday! Find a special tweet at the end of each description and help us spread the word about these amazing deals!


Dear Indie Author, Don't Be THAT Author

Dear Indie Author

Don’t be that author. You know the one, the author that makes the rest of us look...well, not so good. That one author to which critics compare all other indie authors.

There is a low opinion of indie authors among certain sectors of the reading community. One blogger’s opinion was so harsh it made me cringe. The stigma of self-publishing seems to be lifting as more and more authors choose to self-publish, even authors who have traditionally published with a big 5 New York press. The publishing industry as a whole is morphing and changing its publishing and marketing philosophy, and it’s hard to keep up with all the developments. It’s an exciting time to be an author.

I’m an indie author and make no apologies for it. My loyalty is to my author brand, not to any one publisher’s catalog. I’ve been published by four different small publishers and have a contract with a top tier, non-big five publisher. Yet recently I decided to self-publish. Why? To be blunt, I’ve practically done all the marketing and promotion for my published releases myself. If I’m doing most of the work, I might as well keep most of the royalties.


All About Heroes Interview With Joan Curtis

I'd like to welcome fellow author, Joan Curtis, to Suspense, She Writes. Joan has just released a new mystery titled The Clock Strikes Midnight.

Available for Pre-Sale at Amazon

Janie Knox wants nothing more than to live her life quietly in Savannah, Georgia and never return to her hometown of Atlanta. At age 17, a week after a jury convicted her stepfather of killing her mother, she packed all her worldly possessions in a single duffle bag, hopped on a bus, and vowed never to return. But, when she learns that she’s got three months to live, she journeys back home to finish what she couldn’t do when she left--kill her stepfather.

As the clock ticks away, Janie’s uses the last days of her life to right the wrongs that have haunted her for 20 years. She faces more than she bargained for when she discovers her sister’s life in shambles. Meanwhile her stepfather, recently released from prison, blackmails the sisters and plots to extract millions from the state in retribution.

The Clock Strikes Midnight is a race against time in a quest for revenge and atonement. This is a story about unleashing the hidden truths that haunt a quiet Southern family.

Joan is hosting a launch party for The Clock Strikes Midnight on November 25th from 3pm to 5pm EST on Facebook.


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