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5 Stars from Susie on Amazon

I can usually solve a mystery before it is revealed either in a book or a movie, but I must admit I didn't figure this one out ahead of time. I hate spoilers so I won't write one here, but I will say Denise's character, Jennifer Cristobal's fear and fog from losing herself to the memories of her heart donor, Rhonda Prentiss twisted my smug assumptions I would have everything figured out by the third chapter into a frayed knot. It is a great read and a mystery roller coaster ride I highly recommend.

5 Stars from Mary on Amazon

this book had lots of twist and turns. It is about a heart transplant...that the lady has, and she has the memory of the person she got the heart from...

It goes one way and you think you know what is happening...then it turns and something else happens...

It keep me reading well into the night. It was hard to put down.

So different and refreshing story, loved it. Hope to read more from this author.

5 Stars from Colibri on Amazon

I can honestly say that this is one of the few book I couldn't wait to get back to, when, for one reason or another, I was forced to break away from my Cloud Reader and put in the bookmark.
The author has intertwined the characters in the story with sheer genius. The very first paragraph is exciting and you know the rest of the book will be 'unputdownable'.

I was curious to see how the story unfolded and how Jennifer's search to discover her identity carried through. She strives to put the pieces of her memory together, often risking her life. She had a heart transplant, and with Rhonda's heart beating within her chest, her memories are a muddle of the lives of both women.

The twists and turns of the many interesting characters are closely and mysteriously linked. There is never a dull moment in the entire book.

The author's concise, stunning descriptions, such as, 'Her anger was tangible, a prickly thing, thorny little barbs dripping with toxin'. Or, when Jennifer thinks, 'My fears hollering around like coyote calls on a midnight wind', to quote two out of a bookful.

A great read! I recommend this book for you to find out the complex story that unites Jennifer and Rhonda, and which of the two women survive.

From Vera on her blog, What I'm Reading

I find the theme very fascinating and intriguing. It’s filled with lots of twists and turns. One of the tricky things about this book is, as the reader starts to feel as though they have a sense of a resolution, the author quickly throws in an unexpected dimension which keeps the reader guessing till the end – note that it’s a very short book just 258 pages!

This is indeed a quick and refreshing read. Such complexities and intrigues are uncommon in most Mystery books. I also like that it is a psychological novel with a lot of mind games leading to unraveling of the mystery (think a little bit of Gone Girl by Flynn). I’m surprised this book isn’t getting the popularity it deserves. I commend Moncrief’s plotting skills in this novel. If you enjoy thriller and mystery, you would thoroughly love this book – I found this book gripping, utterly suspenseful, intriguing and exhilarating.

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