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This week's eight comes from my paranormal romantic suspense novel Deceptions of the Heart, which reached No. 12 in suspense during its free days on Amazon!


Here's the set up...

After a particularly difficult confrontation with Anson the previous evening, Jennifer/Rhonda awakes to discover he has left her stranded. While trying to clear her fuzzy head and figure out how she's going to get back home, she finds a trail of blood leading off the front porch into the sand dune.

Here's the eight...

The bloody knife dropped from my unsteady hand.
When did I pick it up?
   “Anson?” I hurled my panic into the ocean breeze. The wind whipped my hair about my face. I rubbed the wetness from my eyes, straining to see far down the beach against the mid-day sun. But only sand and surf stretched into the horizon in both directions. Then my eyes locked on the crimson stains on my hands. I backed up, trying to escape the blood evidence. 

I hope you enjoyed this snippet of Deceptions of the Heart. You can read the blurb in the left sidebar.

Here's what reviewers have to say about the book...

Here’s what reviewers have to say…

The author has intertwined the characters in the story with sheer genius. The very first paragraph is exciting and you know the rest of the book will be ‘unputdownable’. – Colibri on Amazon

I finished the book in a few days and I was completely enthralled in the story and couldn’t read the book fast enough. I was wrapped up in all the twists and turns and definitely surprised by the ending. Overall, this book is a quick, entertaining and very suspenseful read. – Sara at Chick Lit Plus

For a limited time it can be purchased on Amazon Kindle for just 2.99. That's less than the price of a gallon of gasoline and the story will take you a lot farther! Go here to check out some of the awesome comments readers have made about Deceptions of the Heart. To purchase a copy, click on the book cover or the link above.


  1. This excerpt reminds me of the "Cell block tango" from the musical "Chicago."
    Nice 8!

  2. Not only "Chicago," but Lady MacBeth as well!

    Breathtaking (literally)! :)

  3. Nice details. I especially like her wondering when she had picked up the knife.

  4. Great character development. The part about her wondering when she picked up the knife is especially interesting. Nice job!

  5. Holy crap. I'd be freaked out, too. Too much Ambian-->Fugue state murder?

  6. Fantastic details. You put me right there!

  7. Yikes! Wow, nice little hook there to reel me in! Excellent eight!

  8. Oh dear, scary stuff but thoroughly intriguing. Excellent excerpt!

  9. You make this so alive I can't help but think, thank the sky it's not me. Love it!

  10. I agree, the part where she wonders where and when she picked up the bloody knife. Very intense scene, and nicely described with the wind on the beach... very well done!

  11. So Jennifer kill him and now Rhonda is back in charge?
    This is getting exciting.


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