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This week's eight comes from my paranormal romantic suspense novel Deceptions of the Heart.


Heres' the set up...

Rhennifer (Rhonda/Jennifer) has flown to California to confront Rhonda's husband, Alex, and ask him for help to understand why she is in another woman's body. When the visit adds more questions than answers to her problem, she rushes away from Alex's house in anger and goes to visit Jennifer's heart surgeon, Dr. Crane. In this scene, Rhennifer has questioned Crane, thinking he can explain her memory problems. Perhaps she has experienced a phenomena known as cellular memory transfer. Alex busts into Crane's office where Crane has just told Rhennifer she needs to see a psychiatrist. This is what Alex says...

“I don’t understand it, but I know she has Rhonda’s memories. She told me things only Rhonda would know. She talks like Rhonda and she acts like Rhonda. I feel…I sense Rhonda’s persona in this woman I don’t recognize. Whoever she is, she needs help to cope with this.” His fingers pinched my shoulder a little more with each word. His statements echoed around the small office. Yet somehow the recitation of what he believed sounded stilted, as if he’d rehearsed what he should say.

I hope you enjoyed this excerpt of Deceptions of the Heart. If you would like to read more, the book can be purchased at the following link


  1. I am totally intrigued by your snippet and the story! I've always found the concept of cellular memory transfer fascinating and It's awesome to find a read that has this in it. :)

  2. This story continues to be so intriguing! Another terrific snippet...

  3. She's right, it did feel stilted, possibly rehearsed... so why, I wonder?
    Interesting story concept!

  4. I'm intrigued as to how much more he knows there.

  5. I thought that she was finally going to get someone on her side but I agree with her, that's a little fishy. I think I would recognize a person more by the way they move than by the way they talk maybe that's why she feels it's stilted.
    I really want to know more.


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