Six Sentences About a Horrifying Discovery #SixSunday

This week's six comes from my first full-length novel, Deceptions of the Heart.

Here's the blurb...

Surviving as Jennifer Cristobal isn’t easy for Rhonda Prentiss. Three years ago, a sudden, fatal trauma stripped Rhonda of her middle-class, stay-at-home mom existence. A brand new shock prompts Rhonda’s essence to invade Jennifer’s soul, suppressing the other woman’s memories and replacing them with her own. When Jennifer’s heart transplant surgeon, Dr. Crane, can’t—or won’t—help her understand her unusual body-swapping dilemma, she turns to the only man she can trust. But can she fully trust Jennifer’s husband, Anson? Rhonda’s memory proves faulty—and sugarcoated. Multiple threats from her past shake her fragile hold on mental stability. If one of her enemies succeeds, he will kill Rhonda’s soul… or Jennifer’s body… or both.

Here's the six...

 I panicked, pacing from one end of the porch to the other. Then I saw them. Droplets of someone’s life—a trail of red dots leading off the side of the porch and into the sea oat-studded sand dune.
   I followed the blood without thought—without hesitation—as if someone was pulling me by a rope. I trudged through the heat along an overgrown path, slapping oats aside. The drops stopped at the beach.

Deceptions of the Heart can be purchased at the following links.


  1. Wow! I wanted to keep reading. Loved the visual. Great six! :-)

  2. Intriguing and terrifying - quite an excerpt, great six!


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