Six Sentences About Breathless Encounters #SixSunday

This week's six comes from my recent release from Still Moments Publishing.

Here's the blurb:

What would you do if one morning you awoke in someone else’s body?

Surviving as Jennifer Cristobal isn’t easy for Rhonda Prentiss. Three years ago, a sudden, fatal trauma stripped Rhonda of her middle-class, stay-at-home mom existence. A brand new shock prompts Rhonda’s essence to invade Jennifer’s soul, suppressing the other woman’s memories and replacing them with her own. When Jennifer’s heart transplant surgeon, Dr. Crane, can’t—or won’t—help her understand her unusual body-swapping dilemma, she turns to the only man she can trust. But can she fully trust Jennifer’s husband, Anson? Rhonda’s memory proves faulty—and sugarcoated. Multiple threats from her past shake her fragile hold on mental stability. If one of her enemies succeeds, he will kill Rhonda’s soul… or Jennifer’s body… or both.

And here's the six sentences:

He hovered near the bed as I feigned sleep. Poised over me for a horribly long time, he never uttered a word. I stifled a flinch when he brushed the hair from my face. The gentle glide of his fingertips across my cheek sent a shock racing through my limbs. He dragged in a deep, ragged breath and then lifted a suit jacket from a chair. After he shut the door behind him with a near silent swoosh, I lowered the bedcovers from my chin and released the breath I’d been holding.

Deceptions of the Heart can be purchased at the following links:

 Create Space Print edition
Amazon Kindle edition
Amazon Print edition
Smash Words eBook edition
Still Moments Publishing eBook edition


  1. Ohh, full of tension. And loving the premise. Body swap stories always fascinate me.

  2. Wow, amazing concept for the story, so much going on. This was a tense, intriguing excerpt!

  3. Very tense. Nice six.

  4. Loved that scene. Wow! sounds like a awesome book. Can't wait to see what happens next week. Awesome Six. :-)

  5. Wow, this sounds like a fascinating story. great six.

  6. I was holding my breath when I read that! The story sounds very interesting. Good stuff :-)

  7. I could feel the tension. Great six to hook the reader!


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